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Britain is the windiest country in Europe and Wales has a lot of wind, but a great deal more energy could be generated from this clean, natural and abundant source. In 2005, the Welsh Assembly Government issued a planning guidance note called 'TAN 8'. This set out clear targets for generating renewable energy in Wales, which included onshore wind.

These targets feed into a UK-wide renewable energy strategy. With Wales being one of the windiest parts of Britain, wind power would naturally play a key role. However, all regions of England also have renewable energy targets, and most regions are also aiming to include onshore wind as a significant part of their energy mix. This is because wind power is currently the cheapest and most established renewable energy technology available.

The Welsh Assembly Government set a target to restrict larger wind farms to seven Strategic Search Areas (SSAs). Llanbrynmair Wind Farm is wholly situated within the Carno North Strategic Search Area and is also within the smaller, refined area described by Powys County Council.

RES is a responsible developer, and we take the siting of our wind farms very seriously indeed. We are undertaking comprehensive site investigations, looking at wind speeds, landscape impacts, biodiversity, hydrology, recreation interests, archaeological interests and others, to ensure that the wind farm is as sympathetic as practicable to the surrounding environment.